Costume Regulations

Megafiesta costume items comply with all current legislation (national and European) related to the safety of consumer products. This means that these articles comply with the requirements specified in the following European legislation:


- DIRECTIVE 2001/95 / CE , relative to the general safety of the products.


- DIRECTIVE 88/378 / CE (and its update 2009/48 / CE), relative to the safety of toys. This directive requires compliance with harmonized standards by all the items included within its field of application, such as children's costumes, carnival accessories, makeup. It includes the requirements on physical and mechanical properties, flammability, chemical properties, labeling, ...


- DIRECTIVE 96/74 / CE relative to textile names.


- REGULATION UNE-EN 14682 , relative to the cords of children's clothing.


- DIRECTIVE 2002/61 / EC (amendment 76/769 / EEC), relative to the restriction of the use of azo dyes in clothing.


- DIRECTIVE 94/27 / EC (amendment 76/769 / ECC), relative to the restriction of the use of nickel in clothing.


- DIRECTIVE 2005/84 / CE (amendment to directive 76/769 / CEE), relative to the restriction of the use of phthalates in toys or childcare articles.


- DIRECTIVE 76/768 / CEE , relative to cosmetic products.


- ROYAL DECREE 208/2005 , on electrical and electronic equipment and the management of its waste (groups the European directives RoHS and WEEE).